Role Playing Friends

How Your Role-Playing Friends Beat Experts at Predicting Conflict Outcomes

I recently started reading Prof. J. S. Armstrong’s Principles of Forecasting: A Handbook for Researchers and Practitioners after reading Nate Silver’s glowing recommendation of it in his recent book The Signal and the Noise (Kindle). I’ve only read a little of the beginning, and I’m already hooked. Principles of Forecasting is an incredible resource on […]

Lean Startup Moon Person

Customer Discovery, Scuttlebutt, and Moon People

Life in technology sometimes involves dealing with, as a mentor of mine referred to them ever so lovingly, moon people. Every now and then, you’ll have an awkward conversation with a consultant reeking of quasi-religious zealotry, every sentence dripping with buzz words of agile, lean, MVP, product/market fit, scrum, iterate, and pivot. (Ok, I still […]

Angry Sleep iPhone

Where to Stick Your iPhone

Considering how multiple articles on Hacker News have been about sleep in the past couple of weeks (one would think HN is currently made up of the sleep deprived undead), I figured I needed to share one of the best ways I’ve found to get sleep, and with it, moderate the emotional ups and downs of […]

SEO Investing, Women, Cigars

SEO Investing, Cigar Butts, and Not Making Love Like Patrick Dempsey

I’ve been enamored with SEO as of late. And like sex, it’s sometimes a subject cloaked in lots of ickiness somewhere in the backwaters of the internet. But, SEO investing is an incredibly good example of value investing.  Before we begin talking about investing with SEO, you need to understand how it works. Two great places to […]

Love Racing Rats

Love the process, not the outcome. I know, I know. More of that hippie, happy, positive psychology that plagues blog posts on entrepreneurship scribbled all over Hacker News. Trite. Overused. And rarely followed. Just realizing how much rat racing I do in my life (i.e. someone who puts off things that make them happy for […]